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Unique design with multiple bends, the sliding gates sliding rail has an original design and is extremely rigid and resistant to loads. The rail is cold-rolled from hot-dip galvanized steel. Zinc protects the rail against corrosion, while the cold forming process gives it its final unique shape and ensures dimensional accuracy. The external and internal surfaces are smooth, which results in a perfect adjustment of the rollers and quiet operation when the gate is moving.
The rail is available in two variants:

SP96 - for sliding gates with length to 6 m
SP127- for sliding gates with length to 12 m


ZMI D-01
Front view
ZMI D-01
Logo on profile
Marking from top
ZMI D-01
Sliding gate
ZMI D-01
Profile end cap
View from front
Trolley for SP96 gateway profile with cover
Trolley for SP127 gateway profile with cover
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